08 November 2009

I've been a bad blogger,

but a good Etsy-er. I haven't been posting EVERYTHING here partly because I've been busy, partly because I've been lazy, and partly because I was feeling as though I am too boring on my blog. But! As it is November, a mere month and a half before Christmas, and my Timid Monster stock was running dangerously low, I've been posting an average 4-6 new Monsters a day--some of which are already sold! Wow-ee! I've also been reposting expired jewelry listings and have lots of new things to get up.

On the note of being a boring blogger, I think I am going to see about a blog poll or something, like other bloggers I follow do, and see what people think about me posting EVERY single Monster I make on this blog versus just the commissions or just ones I am particularly fond of versus well I don't know yet.

I am working on an independent website to sell only Timid Monsters and Timid Monster related things from. And after much debate, I've decided that TMs are going to start repeating--at least the ones that appear on the new site--so I can keep things in stock easier, have less creative strain as far as writing their biographies go, and so the I can streamline things and make it a little easier on myself all around. This wasn't an easy decision, but I am kind of glad for it. I plan on bringing back some of my favorite Timid Monsters (Valdemar, Edwin, and Heather come to mind) and maybe introducing one or two new Monster designs a week that will then always be in stock . So the blog could go more along the lines of commissions and the one or two new designs a week. And then any other art/jewelry I make (btw, I am finally starting to play with the genuine amber Vyts's grandmother gave me last Christmas!).

I guess we'll see. In the meantime, let me build up hype about a recent TM I made that is both themed and NOT a commission. I have the pictures taken, just not processed. The inspiration came from a suggestion I made on a recent commisison. I was so bummed out about the customer not liking/choosing the idea that I was compelled to make one for general sale! I hope to have the picture up tomorrow.

After a long, rambling entry about random TM topics, I will call it a night.

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