10 November 2009

Things worth posting about.

I finally have some plushes (read "2") up for general sale in my Etsy shop. Here they are:
I have more done, I just don't have them posted yet. I've been trying to mix up my listings on Etsy so that it wasn't 90 Monsters, followed by 30 pieces of jewelry, followed by 10 plushes, followed by so forth and so on.
Also, this was done a while ago, but I had been hoping to get a few more like him done to have in stock. I was also hoping to get a few more in the series done (only have 2 others so far). But, I figure he'd been collecting dust long enough. Time to get him posted! So here he is: Chewbaca the Timid Monster, the first in a line of Star Wars Monsters!

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