03 December 2009

Here are some recent postings that have gone up in the past week or so. Mostly I have decided to skip posting the "normal" Timid Monsters here--at least during the holidays--because I post so many a day/week, that you would surely get bored with them. I guess I'm trying to make this more interesting without really knowing how to go about doing so, but while assuming that the more complex things are also the more interesting.

This first Monster's inspiration came--in a roundabout way--from a friend I used to have in high school who always owned rats. However, since a ways back we had a rather nasty falling out, I didn't use the friend's name (though I rather wanted to), and I was careful to avoid any points of recognition in the description. You know? Because we still have some mutual friends and are awkwardly still FaceBook buddies. I didn't know if she would take offence to me making her into a Monster with her favorite pet--especially such a brightly colored Monster!
Cameron the Timid Monster goes everywhere with Jacob, much to the chagrin of the other Monsters. They think all rats are filthy and vile. Little do they know that Jacob and Cameron both have impeccable hygeine. Cameron in afraid Jacob will never be accepted as a Monster if he doesn't grow some horns.

Next! I've had elephants before, but now, I have PET elephants. Yeah! I think they are adorable. I only have two made that are pets, amongst the few other smaller ones that are, well, free range, perhaps? I am hoping pet elephants are as popular as the past non-pet ones I've posted.
Always wanted to have a pet elephant? Me, too. And now you can own your very own sans the expensive food bill, messy clean up and hard-to-find-camouflage grey.
It has been a long time since I posted a habitat, but it isn't for lack of making them. Hmm, I suppose that should be it is not for lack of having them made and sitting on my shelf collecting dust because I have a hard time photographing them and then choosing only five angles to post on Etsy. So since the category "Timid Monster Habitats" has sat unused for months now, I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. I hope you like Harlow. Most of his nasty habits can be avoided by not leaving his jar open at night.
Harlow was found in an empty corner of the garden looking sad and lonely. So far, it seems that he likes to impersonate stumps, read over your shoulder, and reset the margins in word processing programs. Harlow eats mostly flowers and mushrooms that he grows and harvests in his new home.

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