08 December 2009

Last two in a commission of eleven.

I finally stopped dragging my feet about it, and finished the last two custom Monsters in an order of eleven. This was a very draining set to make, which is why I took so long making it. Everything was set out for me with very set and precise details that the customer wanted.

It was also very educational. While hats are still not perfect, they are far better than the first one I ever made for the Potato Cowboy. Also, I've learned that one of my flex-y tools is good for constructing super small details on before transfering them to the Monster itself. I also finally experimented with translucent clay and was very pleased with the results, as both beer mugs I made look frosted. You can see the gold I used for beer underneath, making the beer mug look full of, well, beer!

The last two things I learned is I need the customer to not tell me, "well no hurry, whenever you get to it." Because I apparently will never get to it. Also, I think I like to have a bit more creative control over the Monsters. As I mentioned before the customer knew what they wanted in what colors and how. And then when I found I couldn't do something in clay.... well, it got frustrating and hard to have to try for hours until I maybe--and even then it risked looking mediocre--got it, rather than being able to brainstorm something else I could do that would look just as, if not more, awesome.

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