10 December 2009

An update on life and Monsters

I had a phone interview last night for a position I hadn't really expected to hear anything about. I knew that it was a shot in the dark, but hate being a bagger that much. Anyway, the guy emails about wanting to do a phone interview at 8p. At 8:40p he calls to ask if he can call back in an hour. An hour later he makes it quite apparent that he wanted to tell me how unqualified I am for the position. He then finds out I am partly/mostly self-employed. He asks a bit more about this before deciding he wants to set up a meeting for today at 5:40p (I didn't get out of the grocery store till 5p, yay!) in a cafe in NYC, and he wants me to bring some of the marketing material I've designed for myself.

After hanging up with him and crying about how I didn't understand why he would call to talk about the job he made clear I wasn't qualified for, I decided I would not go. I did not want him bringing down my artwork and the things I've worked so hard for, as well.

I have another interview on the 15th. I am qualified for this one. It is also in NYC, and I sort of hope I get it so I can stop being a bagger, but... I kind of know I'll have all the same issues as I did with the people at Ruhl & Ruhl: the insincerity, the not caring for anyone/thing but money, the utter ignorance that oozes off them--"Now Shakespeare... was that his first name or his last name?" *sigh* But it pays more, won't have insane people asking me to double bag their 10lb sacks of potatoes, their 2 gallon bottles of Tide, their 30lb bags of cat litter, etc... and, the company, Questus, does actually sound pretty interesting. So *fingers crossed*!

Oh, and today, I worked half the day in bakery, and they want to keep me! It is way better than front end.

Alright, on to art. Um... I have another commission, it is small and a graduation Monster like I've made before, only as an ornament. And... *drumroll*


He is posted in my Etsy! Go get him!

I may or may not get another/some more Chewbacas made tonight/tomorrow/over the next few days, as the first one sold rather quickly.

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