11 January 2010

Been gone awhile--nothing but rambling in this post

Yeah, I know. I cycle on my blog. A few posts a week, building up momentum to a few posts a day then NOTHING. Forever. Until I sheepishly come back and say, "Well! Where has the time gone?" And again I post a few times a week, then build up, then vanish.

Unfortunately in my blogging cycle I missed rejoining The Artist's Way again. I was rather undecided if I wanted to do it this year. Last year I felt the main thing I got out of it was the courage to say, "I'm an artist!" *epic pose with hands on hip and chin thrust upwards* Which, I must say, was quite a large artistic leap. BUT, while the leader and the other group member assured me that no, no it was not a place of "conversion," the book and well, even discussions often leaned toward the spiritual, and I did feel rather out of place. An atheist adrift. And whether I am not grown or experienced enough to embrace spirituality or whether I'm stubbornly pouting in a corner refusing to listen, I wasn't sure how much or what more I could get out of the group the second year in a row. Though quite honestly, I might be interested in a year or few from now.

Anyway, there had been an email to either write an introductory post about yourself or get out; of course in much sweeter words than that. And after days of dragging my feet I finally came to at least get a foot in the door while I still hemmed and hawed about doing it again to find I was no longer part of the group! Part of me was quite dismayed. Part of me was more than lot relieved. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the relieved part is the part I should go with. At least for now.

But aside from missed opportunities with The Artist's Way, I have been filling my time with not much of anything. Vytas and I had traveled to Chicagoland to see family for the holidays; his brother, sister and a friend drove back to New Jersey with us and stayed through the New Year. Then last week I... didn't do much of anything. I halfheartedly played some WoW. I slept ALOT. I less than enthusiasticly worked on a mini habitat that is currently awaiting some assembly and baking.

After months of testing a new product for me, Stevie has reported that plush Timid Monster keychains are not only adorable but also rather durable. They have thus been greenlighted and today I spent much of the afternoon sewing tiny felt spots to felt Monster butts.

I have rather grand timetable and daily scheduling plans that I hope to put into effect starting tomorrow. If, that is, I ever am able to fall asleep tonight. While I get going on my keeping a schedule business, I will be posting things I made for people for Christmas.

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