11 January 2010

ShrinkyDink Butterfly

After I finished I realized the horrendous mistake I made. This is very clearly a swallowtail butterfly. Swallowtails are yellow. Vytas assured me that no one would notice, and maybe he would have been right if I hadn't just said something.

This butterfly was drawn and colored onto frosted (cause I like the texture) ShrinkyDinks with LOTS of colored pencil. Each wing was on its own sheet of ShinkyDink. The body is made from polymer clay and has wire antennae out the top and a round hang-y bit out the back.

This was a gift for my father, who in June told me about his grand plans to make wooden butterflies like we used to have in Cicero. He wanted, however, to have the wings/colorful parts be something see-through. I suggested colored transparencies or perhaps lighting gels to use in a wooden frame. When Christmas was coming and I was trying to decide what to make or get him, I decided to try my hand at a yard butterfly.

I nearly made the shiny underside the top so it would be more reflective and more like what he had in mind, BUT the excess of colored pencil on the frosted textured surface of the ShrinkyDinks too perfectly resembled the soft powdery look of actual butterfly wings.

All-in-all he seemed quite impressed--despite the color mistake--with the butterfly and asked repeatedly about ShrinkyDinks, how to use them, and where to get them.

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