09 March 2010

Not yet done

But it is getting there I'm debating getting some of those multi-layer spacer things so as to make each layer/strand stay put and not misbehave. I am wondering if it is worth a trip to Michael's or if they won't have them anyway and I should epic it into NYC.

These aren't the best pictures, and I had to use a fair number of pins to hold the unfinished necklace up. When it is finished, it will have a matching teal/blue ribbon as the fastener. Not only will this match my bridesmaids, but it also will be my something blue!

I decided to make this myself for two reasons. 1) I knew this style OUGHT to exist but was having extreme difficulty finding any, let alone any that I liked. 2) When I finally did find a few that were sort of like this, they were all over $200. I'm not sure how much this will cost me yet, but so far my total investment for supplies for both my bridal jewelry and my bridesmaid jewelry is less than $40. Technically even less than that because a lot of the basic hardware type supplies I already had.

My mother may be right when she tells me I'm being nuts doing/finishing things a year and a half before the wedding, but I feel that when you are a do-it-yourself bride, it would be foolish to wait when you could do it now. My sister wasn't a diy bride and the week of her wedding she and I averaged like 4.5 hours of sleep finishing things up for the wedding. Plus this way, I can wait certain things out till they go on sale or until I can get the best deal or until I have a coupon.

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