21 March 2010

Why you've only been seeing wedding stuff.

The answer is not because the wedding is mere months away. On the contrary it is VERY far away. The tentative date--tentative because we do not have our hearts set on anything and it will depend on which days the hall we like and can afford has open--is set for 21 July 2011. So yeah, lots of time.

And while my mom might have a point when she says I am doing everything WAY early, I feel that since I am doing everything from jewelry and bridal party gifts to invitations and favors myself (well also with Vytas helping), it would be foolish to keep putting things off. And while I am self-employed now and have tons of free time, I ought to try to finish as much as I can before I finally get lucky and get a "real" job.

The other reason, besides the fact that I've been doing lots of wedding stuff, that you've been not seeing my usual Monsters and such, is that I've been trying to get a website up and running that is not Etsy from which to sell Timid Monsters. The stock I've been creating is waiting to be released on the site and I'd like to be able to post stuff here and say, why yes, it is available for purchase just go here. So I've been delaying doing anything with all that.

Now that I've been accepted to a big craft/art show in Summit, New Jersey next month, I am REALLY hoping to have my site up and running soon. We shall see. In the meantime, yes, I am still doing Timid Monsters. It just might be a bit longer before you see them again. Sorry.

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