26 March 2010

Art and Craft Fairs

I will be participating in an art/craft fair in Summit, New Jersey on 25 April. I have also been invited to a fair in Pennsylvania on the 22nd of May. I am still deciding on that one.

Anyway, my website is promised to be up by the 8th of April if not sooner (*crosses fingers for not only sooner, but much sooner*), so that my next round of business cards, those that will be being handed out at shows, can have my website proudly printed on them!

With the launch of my site, comes new Monsters! Lots of them! Get ready!

In the meantime, I've been working on some wooden earrings. I hope to get pictures of those taken, processed, and posted soon. They will be available only on Etsy and at any shows I may go to.

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