28 April 2010

I am still making seashell necklaces. I have not sold any yet. I refuse to believe that I am the only one who sees the beauty and grace in the colors and shapes produced by the ocean. However, that resolve is beginning to weaken.

I would say that I have them posted for far too much money. But, for over a year I had them posted for hardly anything. Finally I let several people convince me that shoppers/buyers do not want to pay for the materials plus a tiny bit more. They shop to spend $20 on a birthday gift and therefore want to spend $20 on something, not $8. So for the past 6ish months, I've had them priced at more. At about three months--I'm pretty bad at the having patience thing--I lowered the prices of some to be somewhere in the middle. Still nothing.

Oh, well. Perhaps it is just me. If that is the case, then I totally have lots of new necklaces to start wearing.

This is somewhat my last attempt. I've made another batch of necklaces/pendants. Some are, again, just on ribbon. A few I've put on chain. Many I've mounted on bails in new and hopefully interesting ways. Such as this one. I have dubbed this style the invisible bail, as you cannot see it. The seashell appears to just hover effortlessly on the wire necklace. I think this is the most interesting yet. Let's hope others agree!

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