29 April 2010

Some more Monsters and words about them

Ruthann is interested in criminal psychology, particularly investigative psychology. She is dedicated to discovering what type of Monster would peel all the pears and then leave them to rot in the oven. Most importantly, she wants to know why these Monsters target pears as their victims rather than other fruit.

At this past weekend's show, Ruthann was by far the bell of the ball. It is just coincidence that she is a ball. While she is one of my favorites--I love her story!--it did take me rather by surprise. Mostly because Monsters like Emma and Elwin are the most popular, not silly little ball-shaped Monsters.
Franklin the Timid Monster has an insatiable hunger. He finds this often gets him in trouble, particularly at pet stores and aquariums—though his appetite goes beyond marine life. Franklin hopes to one day be sated, but in the meantime he is likely to eat you out of house and home.

Franklin is the second cthulu-faced Monster I've made. This time I thought it would be funny if he was eating something like a donut. I decided, for now, a fish would be easier. I am a little sad about this style for two reasons. 1) apparently I was not very good at making them cthulu enough and 2) everyone who sees them says, "OH! Like in Futurama!" And I think, "Damn that Dr. Zoidberg! Damn him!" So my next one will probably have longer face tentacles that are more pointy at the bottom ends.
Nathan wants to be a mechanical engineer. However, he is afraid of wrenches, grease, and chimpanzees. To cope with his failed dream, Nathan spends much of his time mismatching people's socks and hiding their shoelaces.

I LOVE Monsters with butts. I know it is a little reminiscent of Troll dolls, BUT I love the butts on Monsters. I have ever since the very first be-butted Monster, Chuck (Monsters have come a long way, haven't they?). Chuck was great. He was one of the very first batch of Monsters ever made. It took him well over a year to find a home which made me sad. Other Monsters with butts have had similar sad stories, so I don't make them very often. Just like balding Monsters. I LOVE the balding Monsters. But apparently, I am alone in this.

Anyway, here is Nathan. He has joined the permanent stock of Monsters on my site. I do not think I will have to make more of him very often. Wahwah. :(

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