07 May 2010

Some talk and then Donald.

Well, since the show in Summit and since the mad rush to post things to my website (so people who picked up my business card in Summit had something to see), I've been putting things away at a rather slow pace and cleaning. Also at a rather slow pace.

I have registered for three more shows: 23 May in Highland Park, 30 May in West Orange, and 6 June in Metuchen. However, I am still waiting for confirmation from Streetfairs.org that I have been accepted and am actually participating. So soon I will start up my mad-pace of Monster making again. Well, not too mad. I did a good job last time and still have quite a bit left. I will focus on more themed ones. Both things like superheroes and things like... ooh a baseball playing monster, or aww he's a little policeman!


First my mom is coming out this weekend/week/week and a half? with my father. At first it seemed like they were only coming for a long weekend, then it seemed like my father wasn't coming and my mom would be here for a week or more. And then my father decided to really come. So.... I'm not sure how long they'll be here for. I just glad Children's Week was this past week, and I got my violet proto-drake, which is a 310% mount!

Second I won something--not sure what--from a Mary Kay raffle at the show in Summit. However, I sort of believe everyone won as sort of a foot in the door to come in with stuff and sell make up and stuff. The nice lady, who's name I cannot recall, is coming by today at two to show me her wares.

Enough babble! Here is what you've all come to see! Or so I assume. Donald the Timid Monster!
Donald the Timid Monster likes to pluck pheasants. He also enjoys tying string to bees and using them to pull his sleigh. Donald is easily frightened by llamas in sombreros, soy juice, and squirrels.

Donald was also a rather large hit at the show. I think it helped that he is so bright and definitely stood ought amongst the throng of green, blue and purple Monsters, which no matter how hard I try otherwise, seem to be the dominant colors I make.

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