07 April 2010

I love spring in New Jersey.

For weeks the weather has been flirting with actual warmth, and now it is proper hot. And it is only April 7th. *contented sigh* While it will mostly stay like this until it is full-fledged summer, in the Midwest where I grew up, well, I would still be expecting at least one more snow before June. I love New Jersey.

All my perennials are either up or starting to come up. Even my balloon plant, a plant I've had trouble with in the past, is starting to come up already. The ground is nearly ready for the vegetables I started indoors back in February, and yesterday we finally finished this!
It sits nicely and securely above our shower doors and it looks better than I had thought it would! Now the little plants just need to grow and spread and fill in some and it will be perfect!

We made it from a length of rain gutter. We had extra and made a window box for my art room; we fastened another one to the bottom of our gate for little annual vines to grow out of. Three planters for $5. Not bad.

And! As I sit here typing this and looking out my window, there is a yellow finch at our bird feeder! Last year we only had red house finches. Exciting!

A side, but no less exciting note, Stevie will be here on tomorrow and is staying until the 14th. :D


  1. On tomorrow? Good English major ;)

  2. That is not a typographical error. I often say "on tomorrow." What can I say? I'm a sucker for too many prepositions.


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