12 April 2010

I logged in to mostly talk about random goings-on in my life, but decided to post a Timid Monster first. This is one of the the (somewhat) permanent stock that is available at my new site.
Ruthann the Timid Monster is interested in criminal psychology, particularly investigative psychology. She is dedicated to discovering what type of Monster would peel all the pears and then leave them to rot in the oven. Most importantly, she wants to know why these Monsters target pears as their victims rather than other fruit.

Alright, now that I gave you something new, on to more mundane things, like what I've been doing. First off, I've not been working nearly hard enough for my first show of the outdoor fair season. I will be participating in the Summit, New Jersey's street fair on 25 April, and I really need to get a move on or I will be very under-prepared.

Stevie got here on Thursday in time to be fed leftover fried rice and tofu stir fry and watch Project Runway. Friday we spent the day watching things (mostly Stevie's recently acquired Project Runway Season 1) and playing Barbie. Yes, we are both 25 years old and own Barbies. We made them clothes from bits of fabric I had leftover from other projects. Yesterday the three of us drove out to the far (that would be the eastern) tip of Long Island to see what was there. Apparently, the Atlantic Ocean is there. We watched the sunset then drove home.

Today! was quite exciting! Stevie and I went to the MoCCA convention in NYC and saw webcomic peoples. I was worried that while Stevie would know (of) lots of the artists there, I would be lost and bored not knowing anyone. But I knew quite a few (including but not limited to, the people at Wondermark, Stop Paying Attention, Hark! A Vagrant, and Curvy). I even bought some art, a magnet and a fantastic t-shirt from alienlovespredator.com. Then Vytas drove us to a fantastic all you can eat sushi/japanese buffet place; we ate ourselves silly.

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