30 May 2010

Whoa! Booth upgrade! And my thoughts concerning finger puppets.

That is not my real banner (it is printouts on a recycled vote-for-me piece of corrugated cardboard from my town's recent mayoral election). But those are my real tablecloths that I spent the last two days sewing to perfection.

I would say this is much improved over my booth display from last weekend. And next weekend in Metuchen, NJ, I will have my actual printed vinyl banner.

Now on to a matter that upsets me. Why do Timid Monsters need to be something to justify their existence? People come up and ask rather hopefully, "What are they? Finger puppets?" When I tell them that no, they are in fact figurines, little clay sculptures, they say oh... with a dissatisfied air and walk away.

Now here is my (and Vytas's) question(s): REALLY?! Finger puppets? How would them being finger puppets somehow legitimize AND justify their existence? Do finger puppets play a larger role in the good of society than I realize? Perhaps they are used to settle international disputes. I could see if people mistakenly thought they were a miracle cure-all medicine and then were disappointed. Or even the newest, best invention to rid a person of fat without having to change to healthier eating habits or exercise and were then disappointed. But finger puppets.


I don't understand. It is almost worse than people who expect them to do something--ANYTHING--rather than just sit there and look silly and make you smile. Because it just doesn't make any damned sense. Finger puppets. Because finger puppets are better than a quirky, little Monster sitting on your bookcase. If they were finger puppets would these same adults buy 18 of them? Do finger puppet collectors comprise a much larger percentage of the population than I think? Should I be pandering to this demographic?

Also--while I'm at it--does the greater population of adults live such dull, monochromatic lives that when they see splashes of color (such as in my Monsters) they assume that surely these are meant only for children for no mere mortal adult could handle so much excitement? Are colors supposed to scare me now that I'm *gasp* an adult? Adults seem downright appalled when I tell them that they are meant for older persons and not necessarily kidlets.

But, to end on a positive note, there were lots of people (read adults) who LOVED my Monsters, bought multiple, took several business cards to hand out to friends, and told me that while they were thrilled to be able to get more online, they couldn't wait for me to come back with more next year. So that was fantastic!

Maybe I'll start making some finger puppets for all the finger puppet enthusiasts in the meantime.

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