07 June 2010

Excited and Nervous.

I am both excited and nervous. I sold almost all of my stock at yesterday's street fair, so... excited! Yay! However, I have, I'm assuming (still waiting to hear back with confirmation), a show again this weekend and the weekend after that. So yeah, nervous.

And, I had intended to catch up on posting things to both TimidMonsters.com and to my Etsy.

I think today I will be taking stock of what needs to be made and figuring out how much more clay I need. Then I will work on processing photos and posting things while I wait for Vytas to finish at school today, at which time he has promised me a trip to Michael's to buy said clay. The rest of the week I might try to get a few things posted per day, before making many, many, many more things.

I know. What a boring entry. Maybe this will make it more exciting. Or at least interesting.

You might tell me that my firefighter appears to be topless. However, I would counter that the police officer is wearing naught but a hat and belt. And has handcuffs. Just saying.

Anyway these are the first two in, hopefully, a new series of career Monsters. Well, I suppose the next two, seeing as how you could argue that being a ballerina is a career and being a Roman Centurion WAS a career. Though I'd much rather make the Centurion part of a historic series. I am dying to make famous dead people from history, and I think Elizabeth I would be a particularly fun one to do next.

We'll see. First I have to catch up on stock. Second I would like to expand the career series as several people at yesterday's show asked about teacher Monsters and librarian Monsters.

On the list of Monsters I still secretly (some not so secretly) want to make are:
  • a sports fan with a beer helmet--see why I want the freedom of not having these aimed at kids?
  • a Monster with a pet bee on a leash
  • a tomato Monster that doesn't look like it belongs in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  • an eggplant Monster
  • a Queen Elizabeth Monster--duh I just mentioned that
  • and a black and white Charlie Chaplin Monster. No, you're a giant dork.
EDIT: And because I do feel like I'm out of touch with... things... For instance the past couple of shows have given me a crash course in Silly Bands--which, I might add, are the stupidest things I've ever heard of. Give me ideas of what you'd like to see! Chances are I haven't thought of it or am avoiding thinking about how to do it. Your suggestions just might give me that shove I've been waiting for.


  1. Yay! Glad you had a good show on Sunday! It was great to meet you. Your little monsters are AWESOME!

  2. Timid monsters rock! Glad your show did so well. Congrats!


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