11 June 2010

Pequannock this weekend, Nutley next.

This Sunday I am in a street fair in Pequannock, New Jersey. I am, rather shockingly, mostly caught up. And it is only Friday. I need to work on some more habitats and maybe some themed--I'd like a few graduation Monsters to go with--but! I'm already printing Monsters cards. This is a huge deal. Normally I just get the chance to start printing cards at about 11p on Saturday, and there goes my going to bed early.

Anyway. Yeah. I actually did replenish my stock. It is rather amazing what can be accomplished when one doesn't play WoW for a week. Though tonight, to reward myself for all my hardwork, I am raiding ICC.

Next week I will be in Nutley. Both of these shows are with a different company which puts all the artists/hand-crafters together in a section. I feel this will be advantageous, but will have to wait until Sunday to actually know.

Well, if you've read through all that boringness, congratulations! You get to see about Paul and Barbara!
Paul never liked the way bananas looked, so yellow and jaundiced. He prefers colorful fruits and vegetables like candles and staples. His favorite food is deep-fried honey dipped in ranch dresshing. Paul is afraid of soccer balls, toilet brushes, and onions.
Barbara likes to rearrange books in the library, eat at sushi bars and follow pigeons. She sometimes follows them to the library, where she then rearranges books. Barbara is afraid the pigeons will refuse her invitations to go get sushi.

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  1. I like Paul and Barbara! Pretty cool folk.


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