17 June 2010

Time to putz

Last week was insane. I had to remake nearly my entire stock for the show in Pequannock. This week, while I did well at the show, I don't have quite as much stock to remake. I suppose things sold a bit more evenly (so rather than having all of certain Monsters sell out while none of others sold at all, only one or two of each Monster variety sold).

I spent Monday and Tuesday not making Monsters. I can't quite say what I did do, however. I think I played in the yard a fair amount, because I didn't have time to the week before. Yesterday I went to Michael's for their stock-up sale to buy vast quantities of clay and such. Then I made three new Monsters (yet to be named and storied) and a few more of one of the themed ones.

Today I photographed all the new Scrabble necklaces and posted about five or six of them to Etsy. Then I played in the yard some more! And by some more, I mean for the rest of the day. Here is what I did:
Yep! A new flower bed in the weird, awkward back corner of the yard. The vertical bricks had been one more row of horizontal paving with a nice awkward strip of dirt between the side of that house(?) and the paving (kind of like you can sort of see to the far right of the picture where it does it again). I dug up the bricks, stood them vertically, mooshed up the dirt, and transplanted some lilies from the very overcrowded bed by the table and chairs. I also put some bulbs in the front of the lilies. I know it is a bit late for bulbs, but I found them on super clearance at Home Depot the other day and figured what the heck.

Vytas and I had been talking about doing this for weeks, but I've been far too busy with shows. He's been far too busy playing WoW in front of me and also helping me get ready for shows.

But now it is done and all we need is to redo the picnic table and benches that are out there. The wood is all rotted out, but it has nice metal bracket leg bits that can be refastened to new wood.

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  1. Like the yard project. Looking forward to the new monster introductions.


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