29 June 2010

Haven't been posting many Monsters, have I?

Time to fix that I suppose.
Tyler the Timid Monster likes to hide apples and eat bugs. His favorite bugs are weevils, and he often finds himself choosing the lesser of two weevils. He is afraid of running water, the color purple, and scissors.
Gertrude the Timid Monster had prided herself on being a tea connoisseur . That, however, was before she began having reoccurring nightmares in which she was trapped in a tea diffuser that was slowly lowered into boiling water. Gertrude finds herself ordering coffee these days. She also has become an activist for the ethical treatment of tea leaves.
Gregory is writing a book. The 500 Practical Uses of Used Chewing Gum. Number 47 gives extensive instruction on how to use it to stick small rocks to the ceiling. And number 312 has diagrams depicting how to re-attach the handle to the fridge. Gregory is afraid he has writer's block, and he still has 152 uses to go.

All are available at www.timidmonsters.com, as usual. Also, I may or may not get them up on Etsy as well. Still deciding on which Monsters to put there (if any) and such.

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