28 June 2010

A topic I feel strongly about that keeps me from wanting my Monsters aimed at children

Those of you who love all things handcrafted hopefully know about the struggle with the CPSIA. Crafters of children's items and many small businesses/manufacturers may be forced out of business due to required (and expensive) independent testing. To give you an idea of just how expensive this testing is, here is an excerpt from PicnicBasketCrafts from Jan. 2009.

CPSIA SPECIAL - Ham Sandwich Lunch Set - $10,080

"Yes you read it right that IS the cost for this Lunch Set. The new CPSIA law that will go into effect Feb. 10, 2009 will require that each store selling products for children under the age of 12 test each product in our shops for lead. Each component will cost $70 and this Lunch Set has 24 components - 14 colors of felt, 8 colors of thread, poly fill stuffing & foam - each needing to be tested making the charge $1680. Add in the additional $350 per component for phthalates testing and that adds another $8400 making this Lunch Set that originally cost $35 to the grand total of $10080.00!!!For more info please readhttp://www.etsy.com/storque/craftivism/cpsia-deadline-for-changeorg-vote-cnn-article-3247/Please help save handmade toys!"

The Handmade Toy Alliance has been championing this cause for the past couple of years. I encourage everyone who values handcrafted objects, not merely those meant for children, to visit the HTAs site to learn how you can help. (You can also follow the HTA on Facebook.) You can visit www.amendthecpsia.com to learn more, as well.

Still not convinced this is a cause worth your time? Here are a few more blogs to check out.

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