05 January 2011


Well, then. It is a new year.

I suppose I should be wishing everyone a joyous start to 2011 and much happiness throughout, but I just woke up and the thought of so much cheer--and so much coming from me--is a little too much to handle. That I am forming complex sentences seems as though it should be too much to handle.

But I guess I should get on to some news. I have had, for some time, a growing number of OOAK (what does OOAK stand for you ask? Why, "one of a kind," of course!) Timid Monsters accumulating on my desk. I think I photographed them before our holiday trip to the Midwest. If so, then they will be posted soon. If not, well then I'm pretty lazy about such things. Either way, I'll announce when a new OOAK comes up on as many free internet sites I can advertise with. Or at least on as many as I bother with.

Also within the next few days, I hope to get January's Monsters posted to the website and over time, to Etsy. I have to go back and read my number goal for new Monsters a month. I have two done, sans stories, which means I have __ to go?

It seems I should be funnier and more entertaining. Or at least include far more pictures than I do to help all those with fatal ADHD keep their attention. (No, you are feeling kinda surly this morning...afternoon.) But I never really know what to say/post. So:


I seem to sprouting a new tooth. At the ripe old age of 26 I have a new tooth coming in. It is presumably a wisdom tooth. However, both my mother and I thought I already had those. So either we were mistaken or I'm some sort of mutant with too many teeths.

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