07 July 2011

a much missed opportunity will soon be here.

Starting 13 July and going through to 1 August, we will be hosting a string of houseguests, seeing lots of relatives and friends, and hosting/attending events such as bachelor/ette parties, rehearsals, our wedding, our post wedding photo shoot with the bridal party in Central Park, and our post wedding bbq.

This means the chance to see lots and lots of people. Normally we hardly see anyone. Vyts sees some people while at work. I see... Vytas. We don't go out much. And for this, we miss out on one of our favorite pastimes. Inserting random words in other people's vocabulary by overusing them ourselves. 

When such events as this occur we even try to compete with each other. We each declare a word or phrase we are going to try to spread, and then we see how many people we each get to catch on. Although to be honest, it works best and is most lasting when we work together. And it is most satisfying to insert a word in say, his brother's vocabulary at Christmastime, and then to hear his brother and all his band using it when they stop over while on tour in the summer. 

In the past we've had such triumphs as:

  • rubbish
  • public transport--this was a hard won battle against friends who refer to all such transportation as "the metra"
  • bad news bears--which was sadly short lived , because we were surprised to find out that this is a movie. Yes. We thought we had come up with this ridiculous thing to say and were sad when we felt the need to promptly set about killing it.
  • super catastrophic system failure--more impressive that we actually got this to be oddly specific depending on the situation, for instance: super catastrophic paper shredder failure
  • awesome like a hotdog--again, more impressive that this gets awkwardly specific, like awesome like a pair of sparkly hotdogs, in reference, obviously, to a pair of earrings. Less impressive that this has only permeated a very small circle thus far.
  • cock-waffle and cock-wafflery--one of my favorites, but really this was Vytas's doing.
  • bits and bins--after all you need somewhere to store your bits
  • whilly-nhilly--wrongly aspirated. Rheally, whe've bheen quhite obsessed (that one is too hard) whith asphirhating evherhythingh. But mostly it is just whilly-nhilly that has caught on.
  • ham-smear, ham-fists, ham-cicles, ham-fistery, etc--This was nearly too easy.
  • creepster--both a noun and a verb: That creepster is creepstering all over the neighbor's yard and the neighbor's wife.
  • totes--short for totally. This was my doing, and I did it just because Vytas hates it.
  • toe-aster--the demented way of saying toaster in which all the vowels are pronounced individually. To a similar extent, boe-at, also shortly caught on
  • Chicagolandia
There are many, many more that I have forgotten as we've enjoyed this hobby since our early college days.  Some were quite short lived, while others still exist to this day. 

So for this wedding season, I have ambitiously declared two words/phrases. "Funsies." And "for real-real?" which would preferably be finished with, "not play-play?"

Vytas has yet to declare his words. 

And we've discussed, quite excitedly, the opportunity we are about to have a number of times in the past few weeks, meaning that we really are this bizarre. It is no wonder we don't know how to act around proper human beings.

Also, we really do need other people to play this on, otherwise we end up evolving our own dialect and are forced into pidgins when necessity brings us in contact with the outside world.

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