08 July 2011

Zipper Master

Sometimes I sew! Though, when I do, I avoid zippers as much as possible.  This leaves me with rather breezy garments I pass off onto my wonderful fiance, who is much better at attaching various closures and clasps. 

However, I finally did it. I finally learned not only how to put a zipper in decently, but also how to put one in a small clutch. With lining! BAM!
Each stripe is a different ribbon that I sewed to a base bit of cloth to make a "new" fabric. Sadly sewing ribbons down for one clutch was faster for me than lining up/pinning in a zipper. Then I still had to sew it in and hope nothing slipped to make it dreadfully off.
 The inside lining is a remnant I bought on clearance years ago because I thought it was cute but had no intended use for. It just happened to be the perfect color.
Just in time, too.  These five clutches are for my bridesmaids!

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