14 November 2011

Holiday Giveaway! (And it isn't even a contest.)

The good news: You automatically win!
The bad news: Purchase is necessary!

"Now wait," you might be saying. "How is it a giveaway if I have to purchase something?" Well! I'll tell you! Every Timid Monster (or other shop item) that gets sold between now and December 31st will come with a free, teeny mini-Monster. How "teeny" and how "mini"? The one in the picture to the left is one of the larger ones. 
To receive a mini-Monster, buy something. Anything. A Timid Monster. A magnet. A key chain. A pet elephant. A letter necklace. Anything! And get a free mini-Timid Monster with your order. You don't even have to check a box at check out or leave a message somewhere.

And, the more you buy the more you get. Buy three Timid Monsters--get three minis. Buy a magnet, two Timid Monsters, and an pet elephant--get four minis. Buy a button--get a mini.

It is that easy. So quick! Visit either my Etsy shop or TimidMonsters.com!


  1. that's so great! i was just about to get two timid monsters for my friends for their birthday ( they're twins)so the holiday giveaway is really reasonable for me:)

  2. !!!

    Also, sorry if all the pictures were gone when you visited earlier! It seems while trying to click security options in Google+ I *might* have deleted a Picassa album there by wrecking all of my blog posts ever. Woo!


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