19 January 2012

Shopping List

When I make up my mind to make something, I usually have a pretty weird shopping list. This project might be my weirdest list yet. And this is coming from a girl who made a Princess Leia gold bikini for a bachelorette and did most of the shopping for it at Home Depot.

  • sheetrock putty mix
  • red paint
  • cake decorating bags
  • frosting tip
  • various colors of polymer clay
  • sewing needles
  • thread
  • bra
Any guesses as to what I'm making? Since no one reads this blog anyway--wait, wait, I don't want to pity-party. I know people read it. Well, I at least know that people click on it. Let me start again. Since no one ever comments on this blog anyway, the first person to guess (Stevie isn't allowed to guess, neither is my sister or her husband, actually I guess let's rule out family since that could be considered nepotism and I give things I make to you guys all the time anyway) correctly before I reveal the finished project will win a free Timid Monster! So let the guessing begin! 

If anyone guesses correctly, I will let you know in the finished-project post that you won and how to get your mailing information to me! If no one guesses (correctly) better luck next time to all parties involved.


  1. Valentines bra/outfit, heart shaped, covered in flowers. :) Sarah B

  2. This is hard. I kind of agree with the valentines bra thing... but i also thought maybe a zombie bra? Or maybe a Bust (literally) as a landscape for monsters! with flowers! or hearts!

  3. Adult fun accessory? Maybe take the boob cups, sew them together on the bottom sides, and then you'd have a cute green heart to decorate for Valentine's day. Convenient hanging straps included. Haha, you could even make a purse out of it. Bras are awesome. - Grinny

  4. Some kind of valentines heart thingy using the bra as a form/mold for the Sheetrock putty.

  5. Two red igloos with gardens of flowers :)


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