14 February 2012

Till the end of time

It is Valentine's! Ok. I don't get that excited for Valentine's. In fact, my husband and I usually celebrate the last weekend of January with an annual trip to a fancy seafood restaurant in Massachusetts and let the 14th of February pass with hardly any recognition.

This year, things got rushed, then busy, then we were going to be on a super tight schedule if we still went. We decided to postpone until March when his school has spring break, and we're upgrading to an overnight! Fancy, I know.

Anywho, since we didn't already celebrate, I did feel the need to acknowledge the day and made my husband this diorama. Like a grown-up.

And here is a picture of it outside of the shadowbox, not reflecting my camera:

Edit: I found a picture from the "making of" on my camera. I thought I had taken more, but apparently not.

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