16 February 2012

What I do when I should be cleaning my art room

I haven't scrap booked in years. Since high school, in fact. And seeing as how I graduated in 2003, I have decided it is time to go through all the bits involved and get rid of/give away most of it. This would clear up an entire shelf and some of the piles of things on the floor could then go on the shelf.  However, when I started going through it, I discovered that I had lots of started paper that I felt bad pawning off on another. Rather than just wastefully tossing them, I made envelopes for packaging little things like buttons, scrabble necklaces and magnets. Then I embossed fun stamps on them. 
A number of hours later that shelf is still not cleared off. Needless to say, there are still piles of stuff on the floor waiting to be put on that shelf.

But I do have over thirty envelopes!

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