29 January 2009

More Timid Monsters! Woo.

Bill the Timid Monster loves to make quesadillas, which is understandable as his hero is THE King. You know, Elvis. Bill has even considered changing his name, but is worried that it would be an affront to his Highness. Instead, Bill contents himself with washing tortillas, collecting pecans, and answering ads in the classifieds. For sale at [link]

Janice is a hat collector--at least that is what she tells others. She won't listen to the other Monsters when they try to tell her that owning a single hat does not qualify her as a collector. Still, she is adamant. And afraid. Afraid that someone will see what is under her hat. For sale at [link]

Saul's favorite hobbies include watermelon etching, stacking rolls of toilet paper, and supergluing olives to toothpicks. He does not like animal crackers and thinks the anti-cruelty society should step in and take a stand. Saul is afraid of remote controls, pushpins, and erasers. For sale at [link]

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