30 January 2009

Not living up to blog's description

I realized that I am not living up to the blog's description. While I am shamelessly self-promoting here, I have yet to share one of those inane observations. I tend to pick my livejournal account to do that. But today I've decided to share one here that has bothered me for sometime.

I tend to be a bit of a night owl. It seems to me that I am more awake and productive at night than during the day (and I often have trouble sleeping at night, as well). In staying up late I have become addicted to such shows as Frasier from midnight to one, Golden Girls from one to two (sometimes 2:30), and whatever is on Adult Swim after that.

This is where the inanity comes into play.

Right around 3:30/4am, DURING Adult Swim a different type of commercial starts playing. Barbie commercials. And it bothers me that 1) they are on during Adult Swim because anyone who is still of age to play with Barbie--imho--ought not to be watching the programs on Adult Swim; and 2) it's 3:30AM! No one that young should still or already be up to see them.

I can understand that when it switches from Adult Swim to anime for an hour and then into kid's cartoons around 5 or 6am, that parents might be starting to wake kids up for school/daycare/whatnot and THEN advertising for children kicks in. All sorts of toys and candies and snacks start advertising then. Barbie just seems to jump the gun a by a bit.

And it bothers me.

Thank you. This has been a rather useless observation that you have wasted your time reading.

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