16 May 2009

Today is the day!

Today is the TriCity Arts Festival. I am more nervous than ever. I have no where near as many Monsters as I wanted to have done; I only have about 150--a little less perhaps. But I do have 15 habitats of varying sizes. And I do mean varying. Also, I have at least as many pieces of jewelry as I have Monsters. It might actually be more.

My biggest concern is still of looking like a jackass with clay Monsters rather than any of my real work. I just don't have enough made and on hand--in the two weeks I had, I could never have prepared enough. I am still deciding if I should grab some ACEOs to take with. Just to be like, no really, I do real work, too.

I try to keep telling myself that I would not have been invited by the organizers if they thought I would stand out like a skinned bear at a flea circus. Sorry, I'm still in Monster-bio mode apparently.

On the bright side, it seems it is going to rain, and we found a tenty thing like you see at craft fairs/art shows and it was only $15.00! So we will get minimally wet and all my stuff won't be drenched. Also, we found our camping ponchos and my rain coat. Hopefully all that, paired with my sunglasses will be enough to stave off any damp weather.

I guess that it is. Wish me luck!

Oh, and should anyone find themselves in or around Asbury Park, New Jersey, stop by and see me!

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  1. So how did it go? fun to hear about the deals you found for your needs that day.



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