24 May 2009

Finally getting back into the swing of things

I finally, finally got around to the nitty gritty bit of business, updating the "books," what I've lovingly dubbed the MASSIVE Excel spreadsheets that keep track of my inventory, my sales, and countless other curious tidbits about the things I make and sell. So now that I've done that, I can easily see which Monsters were made in preparation for the show, which did not sell, and which can now be posted for sale on Etsy.

This week, starting tomorrow, I will be introducing a new line of jewelry (as well as some of the regular sort I do) that debuted to less than rave reviews at the art show. Vytas and Stevie pointed out that the Timid Monsters were mostly the focus of everyone's attention and that perhaps this new line would be better received online. Here's hoping! *crosses fingers*

And here is Carlos! Followed by Avery!
Carlos the Timid Monster likes to deep fry sauerkraut before putting on his hot dogs. His favorite hobby is de-icing the curbs. Carlos is afraid of mice, pencils, and potholders.
Avery likes to open bananas and let them rot in the sun. He then uses the mush as a spread on oysters. His favorites hobby is crocheting socks with faces on them for baboons. Avery is only afraid of termites, lint traps, Albany, salsa, and natural flavors.

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