24 May 2009

One more for tonight

Three always seems a better number of things to post in a day than only one or two. Any more than three, and it just seems ambitious--though that is what I need to be more often.

Anyway, here is Ervin. He is one of my favorites. I had wanted him to look bossy and know-it-all-y, but he came out rather self-assured and pleased looking. I like all my Monsters, otherwise I wouldn't really bake them and so on, but everyone once in a while I get one that I'm totally in love with and wish I weren't selling. From memory I can say that Valdemar, Arnold, Jessica, Joel, Vince, and now Ervin were some of the ones I wish I had kept, though I know there must have been more.

Without furth ado, here is Ervin!

Ervin the Timid Monster tends to be rather proud of himself. The other Monsters do not understand why. His greatest accomplishment to date is learning how to squeeze kethcup onto the tongues of panting dogs to cool them off. And who hasn't done that? Ervin, however, believes he is something special, and that the other Monsters will agree if he could just find some daring doo to prove it to them. One that didn't scare him.

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